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44 thoughts on “Where in the World

  1. this blog is so cool ans i just tink i will just be blogging to MYSELF, PLEASE TALK TO ME i reapeat PLEASE TALK TO ME anybody please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Kayla,

      It’s absolutley freezing here in Chorley, even though the sun is out, it isn’t very warm! Thanks for all your recent posts!!

      Mr C

    • Hi Kayla,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m ok today- not too sure whether I like the weather outside though!! Very windy indeed. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip, i’m hoping it will help us with our next few topic lessons.

      Mr C

      • We have been.very busy in Thailand travelled north to ride an elephant. We have also been on an.ox cart which is how the people use to get around before cars and bikes we’re invented. On the trip we also had a thai cooking class then got to try the food was yummy.
        The second we went to the centre of Bangkok and explored.the market stalls and tried new food. The streets are so busy.On the way back we got a tuk tuk, which was an.experience they drive them like go carts.
        Off to cambodia tomorrow

    • Hi Olivia, If you click on the map (it enlarges it), look in the bottom right hand corner, above New Zealand, Fiji is a small island just above it.

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