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  1. Mr Kay Bella(my sister)wants little ones to have dinner with year 3s and 5s on the same playground please. Phew that was a lot of writing.

  2. Hi school council members I would like to make a suggestion but don’t know where to put it or give it too. my school counciler doesn’t remember so I don’t know where or who I should tell can you help me ?

  3. Hi Mr C Kenzie is a great school council and Nathan is the second school council. But if Kenzie was of ill will Nathan take his place until he gets back?

  4. Our school councilor is Adam he is a good councilor because in our class lets just say… HE’S A CHATTERBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well that’s said :p 🙂

    • Only if you want to be in school Saturday and Sunday because two assemblies a day is overkill don’t you think? Plus would you like to plan 10 assemblies per week?

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