Lower KS 2


Year 3- Miss Binns and Miss Mellor

Year 4- Miss Marshall and Mr Simmons

39 thoughts on “Lower KS 2

  1. 1 /picurs of your self infront of your self
    2 bank in capitals face for facebook
    3 for ever
    4 don’t know
    5 polise adlt or teacher
    6polise adlt or teacher
    7 don’t know
    8 no becase it will hurt people feelings
    9 tell a adlt of you teacher if you can add them
    10 tell a adlt tell a teacher thell polise
    it was a bit hard Quiz

  2. Once you have posted a comment video of Picture Online how long does it stay online: I think that if I post a picture and I delete it it would still be there because my friends could share and spread it all over the Internet no matter how much I try and get it off

  3. 3K’s Online Safety Quiz Answers!

    Online Safety Quiz
    1. What kind of information should you not post online?

    You shouldn’t post where you live, pictures of yourself wearing school uniform, nasty comments, inappropriate pictures, your real name, your login information such as username or passwords and your phone number.

    2. Can you name 3 features of a strong password?

    Use numbers, use a long password and use lower and uppercase letters.
    3. Once you have posted a comment, video or picture online, how long does it stay online?

    We think that even if you delete a picture/video it could still possibly be online because others can save and share it.

    4. What is currently the most popular social media site?

    We think that the most popular social media site is youtube.

    5. If someone begins messaging/talking to you online, who can you report it to?

    The people who made the game or website, the police, teachers and parents or carers, thinkyouknow.

    6. What can you change on your online profile to keep your information secure?

    Change your privacy settings

    7. What phrase is used when a person/group of people begin sending messages or posting comments online, that are hurtful or unkind towards a person/group of people?


    8. Is it OK to shout, call someone names or send abusive messages over an online game? Why/why not? Explain your answer.

    It is not okay because it might hurt somebody’s feelings. It might also make them not want to go back online again, It is only a game.

    9. What are the potential risks of adding a ‘friend’ on social media that you do not know?

    They could start bullying you, they might try and hack your account, they might try to meet up with you and hurt you, they could be lying about who they are.

    10. Finally, write your top 3 Golden Rules when going online to stay safe.

    Don’t talk to strangers.
    Don’t post personal information, pictures or videos online.
    Be kind online!

  4. Wow Emily embarrassed her self

    She was singing a TERRIBLE moose song when…

    My big sisters friend came in angle and saw her

    Why Emily…

  5. You know what,this is fun to see what other people like friends are doing and that’s why I started doing this it’s just so good to find out what people are up to!

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