At Red Lane we now have Enrichment on Thursdays and Fridays. During this time we choose one activity such as wrestling, arts and crafts, then have an academic activity chosen for us by our class teachers.

Years 3 and 5 have Enrichment on Thursday afternoons.

Years 4 and 6 have Enrichment on Friday afternoon.

We will use this page to share with you the type of activities we are doing.

27 thoughts on “Enrichment

  1. I love enrichment because in dance we learnt how to do two dances . I also like academic because in Mrs Smith’s group we get to go on laptops when we have finished our work.

  2. i like academic whith mrs williams and i also like the fun one last week art wasent on so i went to mucic it was amazing for my first lesson.i was thrilled whith music.if it is on next term iam joining music it is fun so jion it.then alfa will love it thank you.

  3. Erichment is best afternoon ever, we just get to do some english or maths then after that we go to are fun part

  4. I love Enrichment!

    My favourite activities are (Fun Activities):

    – Sports
    – Pets Club
    – Art

    My favourite academic activities are:

    – Mrs Williams (Maths – Not passports)
    – Mrs Charldson (Maths – Passports)

    – Any spelling mistakes in teacher names are because I don’t know how to spell it –

  5. Dance is soooooo cool. Everyone laughed at me for joining but it is one of the most fun enrichments ever! although last week I was the only boy in there because of an insident. it was still fun. LoL 😀

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