Double Trip

Today there are 2 trips taking place- Years 2 and 4 will each be departing school to get real-life and hands on experiences to aid them in their learning. Year 2B will be visiting Masjid-e-Noorul Mosque to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Islam faith and their beliefs. Year 4 will be visiting Chester to … Read moreDouble Trip

A new Queen ascends

In 1558, Elizabeth I aged 25, ascends English throne upon death of her half sister Queen “Bloody” Mary. Queen Elizabeth II is the male-line great-granddaughter of Edward VII, who inherited the crown from his mother, Queen Victoria. His father, Victoria’s consort, was Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; hence Queen Elizabeth is a patrilineal descendant of Albert’s family, the German … Read moreA new Queen ascends


On this day in 1720, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and John Rackham are captured by Capt. Jonathan Barnet and brought to Spanish Town, Jamaica, for trial. Anne Bonny (unknown, possibly 1697 – unknown, possibly April 1782) was an Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean, and one of several noted women in piracy. The little that is known of her life … Read moreWANTED!

Year 2 visit Seven Acres

To help them with their topic in class, Year 2 visited Seven Acres Country Park to find out what they could find. Rather than taking a coach, they all walked down to Seven Acres in their classes. When they reached the park, they walked through fields, along hidden paths, over a troll’s bridge and back … Read moreYear 2 visit Seven Acres

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