What’s new on the Blog?

  Here are some of the new activities available on our Blog this week- 100 Word Challenge- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2014/09/20/100-word-challenge-32/ Riddles- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/2014/09/20/riddles-43/ P4C- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/p4c/2014/09/20/p4c-11/ Computing Club- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/computingclub/2014/09/20/key-stage-2-computing-club/ Library- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/library/2014/09/20/book-reviews/ Also coming soon- What is it? Where is it? and Mystery Voices KEEP BLOGGING!!

Don’t forget…

There are lots of great things to do on the Red Lane Blog this week!! Kidzone- there is a wide variety of games to try on our Kidzone section- see what your high score is on Marble Lines, Run, B-Cubed or even Bobo the snake!! https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/children-2/kidzone/   Riddles, Riddles, Riddles- test your brain power and … Read moreDon’t forget…

What’s NEW??

NEW activities and puzzles to check out: ¬†Riddles- there are now 3 BRAND NEW riddles for you to try, as well as riddle number 22 and 24 that are unsolved!! https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/ 100 Word Challenge- writers… start your pens!!! a strange looking photograph awaits anyone with an imaginative mind!! https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2014/01/22/100-word-challenge-11/ What is it? Where is it?- … Read moreWhat’s NEW??


Just released this morning… 3 new riddles for you to solve- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/ The penultimate 100 Word Challenge of 2013- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2013/12/19/100-word-challenge-8/ What is it? Where is it? https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/whatisitwhereisit/2013/12/19/what-is-it-where-is-it-christmas-special/


Check out these new features on our Blog- Poll- this week we are voting on what we would spend our money on!! 100 Word Challenge- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2013/12/02/100-word-challenge-number-7/?preview=true Riddles- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/ Library- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/library/2013/12/01/author-of-the-month-december/ CHECK THEM OUT!!

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