**NEW!!** Mystery Voices from the past

The latest Mystery Voices has just been published on the Blog, however this time you may need help from a grown up… This time the Mystery Voices are from the past! Listen to the sound clip below and post your comments if you can work out the name of the artist and the song. https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/mysteryvoices/2015/03/22/new-mystery-voices-songs-from-the-past/ … Read more**NEW!!** Mystery Voices from the past

What’s new on the Blog?

  Here are some of the new activities available on our Blog this week- 100 Word Challenge- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2014/09/20/100-word-challenge-32/ Riddles- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/2014/09/20/riddles-43/ P4C- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/p4c/2014/09/20/p4c-11/ Computing Club- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/computingclub/2014/09/20/key-stage-2-computing-club/ Library- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/library/2014/09/20/book-reviews/ Also coming soon- What is it? Where is it? and Mystery Voices KEEP BLOGGING!!

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