A trip around the world

You may or may not know that Mrs Brockhouse’s son and his partner, have begun a trip of a life time, exploring many different countries around the world. They have very kindly agreed to keep us posted on their progress, telling us where they have been, where they are going to next and also send … Read moreA trip around the world

What’s NEW??

NEW activities and puzzles to check out: ┬áRiddles- there are now 3 BRAND NEW riddles for you to try, as well as riddle number 22 and 24 that are unsolved!! https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/ 100 Word Challenge- writers… start your pens!!! a strange looking photograph awaits anyone with an imaginative mind!! https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2014/01/22/100-word-challenge-11/ What is it? Where is it?- … Read moreWhat’s NEW??

What’s available on the Red Lane Blog?

It’s been rather quiet on the Red Lane Blog recently, with only one or two posts and comments. Here is what you can do on the Blog this week- Puzzles- are you good at solving problems? Can you solve a riddle? Then check out our Riddles page and test your skills… https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/ 100 Word Challenge- … Read moreWhat’s available on the Red Lane Blog?


Just released this morning… 3 new riddles for you to solve- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/ The penultimate 100 Word Challenge of 2013- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2013/12/19/100-word-challenge-8/ What is it? Where is it? https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/whatisitwhereisit/2013/12/19/what-is-it-where-is-it-christmas-special/


Check out these new features on our Blog- Poll- this week we are voting on what we would spend our money on!! 100 Word Challenge- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2013/12/02/100-word-challenge-number-7/?preview=true Riddles- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/ Library- https://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/library/2013/12/01/author-of-the-month-december/ CHECK THEM OUT!!

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