Safer Internet Day Quiz

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Here is the annual Safer Internet Day Quiz.

The class with the most correct answers or the class with the most posts will with a PRIZE!

The quiz answers will be posted later on in the week.

Good Luck!

  1. You see your friend’s new profile picture online, but it shows them wearing their school uniform. What do you do?
  2. You are in the middle of your favourite online game, when a player in the game sends you a friend request. What do you do?
  3. What information can be classed as ‘personal information’?
  4. What are the consequences of someone stealing your online identity?
  5. What can you do to keep your location secret when you use apps on a mobile device?
  6. When you are setting up an account for the first time on an app/website, what should you use as your username?
  7. Your friend has started to share videos on their social media page containing opinions that you don’t agree with and they’re making you feel uneasy. What do you do?
  8. Your friend posts a video of themselves online, singing their favourite song. Their singing is a little out of tune and because the video is public, some negative comments have already appeared. How do you help your friend?
  9. In a recent study, researchers found that many children take their mobile device to bed, this resulting in lost sleep, tiredness and lack of concentration in school. but how many hours on average do children aged 6-13 need each night?
  10. What are your top 3 Online Safety Tips you could give to someone?

11 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day Quiz

  1. 1) Tell them about it and warn them about the dangers that this could cause such as being tracked down or that someone might make a fake profile . A couple of days after, go back on their profile and assure that the changes have been made.

    2) If you think you know the person, get in contact with them or ask them if they sent you a friend request. If they say yes then you can add them. If the person is a stranger ALWAYS click decline.

    3) Personal information includes: date of birth, age, phone numbers, email address, full names, location, address, postcode, school, passwords and usernames and card details.

    4) If someone steals you online identity, they could post things on social media about you that aren’t true or could get you in serious trouble make sure to keep you details safe.

    5) Make sure that your account is private. Most of the time when you sign up for an app, it’ll ask if it has permission for this devices location. You do not have to click yes, it’ll still work without.

    6) You should never use your full name, as it could be used by another person to find more details about you. A username which consists of UPPER CASE, lower case and 123numbers123 will be safest.

    7) Tell your friend how you feel and explain to them that others who watch this could feel the same way. Warn them that this could get them banned of the website or they could get nasty, negative comments

    8) Explain that they can still make videos, just keep it private or disable the comments. Yo should NEVER get involved and start arguing with strangers.

    9) On average 6-13 year olds should be getting 9-11 hours of sleep per night however most of them don’t because they have their mobile phones on before bed. Mobile phones produce light witch keeps the mind and eyes active and therefore prevents children and adults from sleeping.

    10). 1) Don’t ever give out personal information( witch is listed on question 3)

    2) Think twice before you post. You may not like it, but having your parents follow you is a safe idea because that way they can check what you’re boosting and make the decision of if it’s suitable or not.

    3) Have fun and stay safe:-)

    I used an emoticon just for you

  2. tell their parents to tell her/him to delete it don’t answer you should go and tell a trusted adult/parent
    3.your password, name, email and your personal details could get kidnapped, battered don’t give them any details like bank account, yous a nickname not your real name as an example Jeff 21 should tell a trusted adult.

  3. 1. You tell them to delete right away because if somebody sees the picture they will know what school you attend to and could go their to pretend that they are there to pick you up.
    2.You should delete the request right away esspecially because they are a stranger to you.
    3.Your phone number,house number,name and things about you.
    4.They could start doing things to you they might pretend to be someone and then ask to see you and turns out they are an adult.
    5.When the “do you want your location to be shown” press no because people will know where you are.
    6.Don’t use your real name make it up by using numbers and different letters to make sure you are safe.
    7. Tell them to make their videos private so they are safe.
    8. Tell your friend to report who ever is sending the nasty comments.
    9. Children at the average number spend around 7-8 hours faced to an electronic device.
    10. 1)Don’t give your personal information.
    2) Do not add people you do not know.
    3)Block any nasty people

  4. you report them.
    You ignore it.
    Were you live what your age is.
    I will tell the police.
    Put a code on it.
    Some thing that is not obvious.

  5. 1.tell them to delete it
    2.Ignore it tell a parent
    3.Your address,your name,your age
    4.People hacking you
    5.Not tell overs where you live
    6.Any thin but ur real name or password
    7.Tell a parent/carer about it
    8.You can help ur friend by telling them to block the people
    9.Children aged 6-13 need 12 hours a night
    10.Not to go on line,to keep ur password persnel

  6. 1.tell them to delete it
    2.Ignore it tell a parent
    3.Your address,your name,your age
    4.People hacking you
    5.Not tell overs where you live
    6.Any thin but ur real name or password
    7.Tell a parent/carer about it
    8.You can help ur friend by telling them to block the people
    9.Children aged 6-13 need 12 hours a night
    10.Not to go on line,to keep ur password persnel

  7. 1. tell the techer the class he or here is in
    2. go tell your mum or dad
    3. your date of birth your name and your bank acount password
    4. you can tell your mum or report could not go on online or bloke them you should not
    7. you tell him to stop or tell your mum say that thats there opinion i like your singing’s mostly 8 or 10 hours
    10.dont talk to people you do not no

  8. 1.delete the picture
    2.Tell your parents and engorge it.
    3. were you live ore your name
    4.Any one could be mean to you
    5.turn of location device
    6.a fake user name
    7.tell your parents
    8.tell them to delete it.
    9. 9-11 hours.
    10. Never accept friend requests from strangers. Don’t share personal information. If someone is being mean then inform a trusted adult.

  9. 1)Tell them take the picture down so no one noes what school you go.
    2)Ask an adult what to do.
    3)Your name , age , phone number and your house number.
    4)stealing your name online.
    5)Turn off the locater setting.
    6)Something that doesn’t involve your name.
    7)you tell a trusted adult
    8)you tell them to ignore or block it
    9)11 hours sleep
    10)never talk to strangers, never hack or buy anything

  10. 1.I would tell hes parents.
    2.I would not answer them.
    3. When you post a pictures on facebook.
    4.H would pretend to be you and play with your friend.
    5.One I would not tell anyone.
    6.I would pot philip
    7.Dont write anything
    8.Tell them to ignor them
    9.They need 24 hours in bed
    10.I would give them nothing

  11. 1.You tell them to delete the photo and remake it without their school uniform on.
    2.You tell a parent guardian or carer.
    3.Telling your age,Telling your name,Sending random pictures to people you don’t know.
    4.Getting judged on how you look,Spreading rumors.
    5.By putting Safety on the setting of any website.
    6.You shouldn’t use your real name you should make a made up name.
    7.You tell them to keep the videos private for only the friends to see the videos.
    8.Tell your friend that it doesn’t matter them people are just jealous.
    9.Atleast 10 hours of sleep.
    10.Dont share any personal info,Dont Online date and don’t make friends online that you don’t know.

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