Internet Safety Day @ Red Lane

Today is Red Lane’s Internet Safety Day. Each class will be learning about staying safe on the internet, the rules and netiquette when communicating online and also how to report issues when online.

So, how good are you at online safety? Do you think you know more than other children in school? Have a go at the Online Safety Quiz below- post your answers on the Blog and the person or class who get the most points will receive a prize! The answers to the quiz will be posted later in the week.

Good Luck!

Mr C

Online Safety Quiz

  1. What kind of information should you not post online?
  2. Can you name 3 features of a strong password?
  3. Once you have posted a comment, video or picture online, how long does it stay online?
  4. What is currently the most popular social media site?
  5. If someone begins messaging/talking to you online, who can you report it to?
  6. What can you change on your online profile to keep your information secure?
  7. What phrase is used when a person/group of people begin sending messages or posting comments online, that are hurtful or unkind towards a person/group of people?
  8. Is it OK to shout, call someone names or send abusive messages over an online game? Why/why not? Explain your answer.
  9. What are the potential risks of adding a ‘friend’ on social media that you do not know?
  10. Finally, write your top 3 Golden Rules when going online to stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Internet Safety Day @ Red Lane

  1. 1.personal information,your own deatails,rude pictuers,your address.
    2.lower case letters,upper case letters,numbers.#
    3. forever until you delete it.
    5.the police.
    6.make it privet
    7.cyberbullying beacuse it will hurt their feelings
    9.they might hack you
    10. be safe,dont add anyone you dont know, dont post any rude pictures

  2. ;rude pictures

    by downlowding

    face book



    cyber bullying

    no because you can lose your job

    they can kidnap you

    never send abusive messages, create a strong password and never talk to people you don’t know

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