VE Day in Year 3

The last train from the countryside arrived early this morning at Red Lane Station, with the last few remaining evacuees and soldiers returning home to school today.

Over the last term Year 3 have studied World War 2 as their History topic. They have looked at key events such as The Blitz, rationing, evacuations, Anderson Shelters, we even managed to visit the Imperial War Museum, and finally today what it meant for Great Britain to celebrate the end of the War on VE Day (Victory in Europe).

A HUGE thank you to all the children for listening so well in lessons, asking some fantastic questions throughout the topic and joining in with the VE Day celebrations.

Looking back at the topic, what do you remember the most?

2 thoughts on “VE Day in Year 3

  1. It was really good we got to dance in the afternoon and practice in the morning.After we danced in the hall we went back in class and had are party food.Everyone looked really nice like evacuees. We got to colour the daimond of jubilee. We made cakes and we ate them with are party food.before we went home miss broad announced the winners of the egg compition the winners were Eathan and tayla.Eathan did a box with a cloth around it and when we opened it it had a egg box with characters in.Taylas had a egg box with eggbalunce at the front and paramedic at the back.Tayla got a buttons egg and Eathan got a areo egg.

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