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news1There are lots of great things to do on the Red Lane Blog this week!!

Kidzone- there is a wide variety of games to try on our Kidzone section- see what your high score is on Marble Lines, Run, B-Cubed or even Bobo the snake!!


riddles logoRiddles, Riddles, Riddles- test your brain power and try to solve these tricky puzzles. They have become that popular on the Blog, the children are even writing their own riddles!!

100 word challenge100 Word Challenge- are you a keen writer? Do you like writing? How much detail can you add in your work? Even if writing isn’t your thing, try describing these pictures- remember 100 words is the limit!!

what is it where is itWhat is it? Where is it?- how well do you know the school? Do you think you have a good memory? Try answering the simple question of What is it? Where is it?

School Council- Every fortnight the School Council meet to discuss key issues around school, to help make Red Lane a better place. Do you have any suggestions? How could we make our school better? Post your comments below and School Council will discuss them at their next meeting!!

Library Visit 003School Library- do you love reading? Could you loose yourself in a far away land? A quest in search of a secret power? Why not visit the library section and leave a comment about what you have read. Or how about a book review to tell others about what you think of the stories you read!

Outside of school-

Purple MashPurple Mash- everyone in Key Stage 2 has their own Purple Mash log in card- check out the new resources and create some ‘Instant Mash’!!

Study Ladder- a great way to practice your basic skills, test your knowledge and gain those extra points to spend in the shop. Log in and see how far you get!

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