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44 Responses to Where in the World

  1. milena says:

    hi everyone i just so love this blog

  2. emilie s says:

    Happy Easter red lane for sunday

  3. Mckenzie A says:

    We live in the U.K and once I went to the U.S.A

  4. Sydney says:

    WOW we have got 89 flags keep blogging

  5. Kayla says:

    88 flags now keep blogging everyone well done

  6. Lara says:

    this blog is so cool ans i just tink i will just be blogging to MYSELF, PLEASE TALK TO ME i reapeat PLEASE TALK TO ME anybody please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. kayla c says:

    Where is Paris cause I have been to Disney land Paris

  8. kayla c says:

    Hi Mr C is it a lovely in Chorley a bit cold here

    • Mr C says:

      Hi Kayla,

      It’s absolutley freezing here in Chorley, even though the sun is out, it isn’t very warm! Thanks for all your recent posts!!

      Mr C

  9. kayla c says:

    Hi were are we in the flag and were is Devon

  10. Kayla G says:

    I am doing my home work now wilst eating my tea

  11. Kayla G says:

    Hi Mr c how are you to day.It was AMAZING the trip

    • Mr C says:

      Hi Kayla,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m ok today- not too sure whether I like the weather outside though!! Very windy indeed. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip, i’m hoping it will help us with our next few topic lessons.

      Mr C

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  14. darren brockhouse and leanne derbyshire says:

    hi we have arrived in Singapore yesterday and saw the chinese new year celebration

    • darren and leanne says:

      We arrived in Bangkok Thailand on the. 3rd Feb

      • darren and leanne says:

        We have been.very busy in Thailand travelled north to ride an elephant. We have also been on an.ox cart which is how the people use to get around before cars and bikes we’re invented. On the trip we also had a thai cooking class then got to try the food was yummy.
        The second we went to the centre of Bangkok and explored.the market stalls and tried new food. The streets are so busy.On the way back we got a tuk tuk, which was an.experience they drive them like go carts.
        Off to cambodia tomorrow

  15. Lianne T says:

    yes there is Sri Lanka . Im quarter

  16. rhys says:

    I apsalutly love this blog so much no othr will be better !!!!

  17. oliver b says:

    my grandmah is fully german and it s like shes is english

  18. oliver b says:


  19. alicia says:

    This blog is so cool

  20. max says:

    i am in poland enjoy my flag red lane

  21. Ellie says:

    56 flags

  22. Tyler says:

    52 flags !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. max says:

    i wanted my uncle in poland to go on it but he couldn’t

  24. Olivia says:

    50 FLAGS!!!!!

  25. Tyler says:

    yay my friend Abri got us up to 50 i will thank her as soon as she emails mexx

  26. Lucinda says:

    we still have 49 flags

  27. Tyler says:

    mr c got another friend and now its 49

  28. Tyler says:

    mr c i have tried to get people from other countries i got one extra person from another country not sure which but i got it up to 48 xx

  29. olivia smith says:

    I looked on the picture is it in . Australia?

  30. olivia smith says:

    Where is figi?

    • Mr C says:

      Hi Olivia, If you click on the map (it enlarges it), look in the bottom right hand corner, above New Zealand, Fiji is a small island just above it.

  31. john says:

    Six about that my cousins. Name was on

  32. paul says:

    Hello this blog is really great I have never actually been on a school blog before, it is great!!!!! Best blog ever

    I am from Fiji

  33. Tyler says:

    hi im the first comment:D

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