Upper KS 2

Year 5- Mr Kay and Mr Nicholson


Year 6- Mr Hudson and Mrs Healey

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  1. Selestina b says:

    Hey guys!! Just found this again in my year 8 science lesson. Loving high school!! Still really miss primary. Say hi to me nick for me!

  2. Jennifer D says:

    And my favourite upper ks2 is Mrs barret

  3. Jennifer D says:

    My favourite TA is Miss Taylor

  4. Jennifer D says:

    Only just finished my home work

  5. Jennifer D says:

    Love this blogg

  6. Jennifer D says:

    The more you blog you may get a certificate

  7. Jennifer D says:

    Only a few weeks to go till my next trip to BLACKPOOL

  8. katie says:

    Happy EASTER!!!!

  9. katie says:

    2 more days left till EASTER!!!!

  10. katie says:

    happy new year everyone from Katie N

  11. Katie says:

    This week in year 6 is so hard we are doing testing all week

  12. katie says:

    Mr n class is hard I am in year 6 that is why lol

  13. katie says:


  14. katie says:

    just done my home work

  15. katie says:

    I am know in Mr c club it is fun you get to go on scratch and the work on there is higher then year 6 standard lol

  16. katie says:

    I am so scared because I have got to do a Christmas song on my clarinet in the next few week’s for the hole of upper k stage 2 arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  17. katie says:

    what did you do in school today year6

  18. Maddison j says:

    I love my topic so much

  19. maddison j says:



  20. maddison j says:

    love are assembleys lodes of great awards.when i get an award i feel really good and the hard work that ive done pays off YEAHHHH

  21. maddison j says:

    WOW i love learning about are topic.i have learnt about why people come to bolton.did you now that bolton was voted one of the friendliest city in the united kindom

  22. maddison j says:

    love are topic were learning why do people come to bolton. what ive learnt today is bolton was voted the most friendliest citys in the united kigndom WOW

  23. maddison j says:

    this blog is so fun i always go on every game and check out peoples comments

  24. maddison j says:

    i think year 6 is really fun staff are very kind and treat me very well LOVE YEAR 6

  25. katie says:

    The blog is good because it is helping you to learn and on 6n’s blog it has got websites to help you with your sate’s

  26. katie says:

    year 6 is going to be sad at the end of the year because we go to high school and I will miss all of the teachers

  27. katie says:

    we had the fire people in the other week they told us about how to keep save near fire

  28. katie says:

    year6 is hard but Mr nick is very funny

  29. Katie says:

    Red lane is good although year 6is hard at first but then you get use to it and it gets easier and easier

  30. leyton says:

    Did you know !

    That viking long boat sails had animal fur to make them water proof ?

  31. shardai says:


    That viking shields had leathur on to add a bit more detail onto them and that their shields were made out of iron and wooden?

  32. jordan and jake says:

    there is three boxes you are only aloud three 1 digit numbers you have to make 504

  33. leyton says:

    DID YOU KNOW ! that viking long boats had a dragons face on the front to scare off enimies?

  34. guess what epic groovey dance moves mr nick teacher could do back in 2007

  35. this week we have been doing test and non-chronological report about vikings on laptops.

  36. Caitlan s says:

    wow the blog has been intesting

  37. Courtney D says:

    PGL- this is going to be amazing and alot of my freinds are going to horray. And i would have good time.

  38. ellie says:

    sats are over horay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. dylan says:

    im so happy today sats are finished dont need to touch a nother test in year 6 again

  40. milena says:

    i love this blog i think its the best blog ever thanks to mr c and mrs moore

  41. caitlan 6c says:



  42. Matty&Reece says:

    We have learnt about Isaac Neton who his a famous scientist

  43. dylan and matty says:

    Matthew got 1000 points on Our World
    Dylan got 850 point on Our World

    Matthew C and Dylan H

  44. nicole l says:

    how many weeks have we had the blog and bloger of the week and 100 word challange i think i got it this week cause i got 127 so we will see ?

  45. nicole l says:

    cant wait for later on from todayz i goin looking at a new house yeah

  46. Alicia says:

    Come on we need 100 flags and we are only ate 68

  47. Alicia says:

    Did u now Mr C is growing a beard for the end of November for charaty .I think it is a cool beard!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  48. elle says:

    doing my home work on Friday

  49. elle says:

    what is everyone doing

  50. elle says:

    68 flags boost it up

  51. elle says:

    68 flags boost it up to 100

  52. elle says:

    the more you blog the more people blog

  53. ajrookes says:

    hi mr c are you ok

  54. elle w says:

    every one keep bloging

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