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  1. Hollie l says:

    I would like to have our own tables so it would help 3m a lot

  2. Kentsi says:

    In 6N best thing ever because mr Nick is funny with jokes some the time i don’t yet is jokes

  3. Dominica says:

    Enrichment for ks1 please

  4. Dominica says:

    Mr Kay Bella(my sister)wants little ones to have dinner with year 3s and 5s on the same playground please. Phew that was a lot of writing.

  5. calvin says:

    hi I wanted to but suddenly I am school council next year

  6. Georgia says:

    happy:) i tried

    sad:( didn’t get it

  7. Daniel L says:

    I use to be school council and its sick who will be it next year……………………………………………

  8. katie says:

    hi i am going in to year 6 i am very scard because i have to do sats wich i wold like to do but i have go mr nikelson as my techer

  9. lewis h says:

    LoOkInG foeward to year 6 i realy feal like im going to cry because 6 week holiday is over 🙁

  10. nicole says:

    Hi school council members I would like to make a suggestion but don’t know where to put it or give it too. my school counciler doesn’t remember so I don’t know where or who I should tell can you help me ?

  11. Mckenzie A says:

    When you get into town hall the mayor doesn’t let any body in exept his workers

  12. Mckenzie says:

    Hope when I’m in yr 3 I’m the school council

  13. Mckenzie A says:

    Where did the Mayor get the gold things from in the Reception Room

  14. adam w says:

    Looking forward to doing school council assembley on Wednesday.

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  16. kayla says:

    Hi Mr C Kenzie is a great school council and Nathan is the second school council. But if Kenzie was of ill will Nathan take his place until he gets back?

  17. Kayla C says:

    Our school councilers got to go and see the mare

  18. kayla c says:

    Our school council is Kenzie he is a good one

  19. abigail says:

    sorry Iment can we have tow vips from each class but a boy and girl

  20. abigail says:

    pls can we have tow vips from each class

  21. sophie says:

    hi our school counserlar is alana fink she deserves to be a school counserlar because shes so kind helpfull and so so pretty

  22. rhys says:

    Sorry for that adam

  23. rhys says:

    Well adam is a good one kind of HAHA……………………………………

  24. Cherise says:

    Our school councilor is Adam he is a good councilor because in our class lets just say… HE’S A CHATTERBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well that’s said :p 🙂

  25. SOPHIE says:

    hello it is sophie oline

  26. emilie says:

    I’m the school council in 3b

  27. alicia says:

    Hi, my class council is Rio.G

  28. alicia says:

    Hi can we have more assembly’s

    • Laura says:

      Only if you want to be in school Saturday and Sunday because two assemblies a day is overkill don’t you think? Plus would you like to plan 10 assemblies per week?

  29. abi says:

    hi libby

  30. paul a says:

    no max

  31. max says:

    can we have a trampoline

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