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178 Responses to Home

  1. Anya-Fae says:

    Does anyone else want a Red Lane’s got talent this year? I do! Last year was super fun!

  2. karl o says:

    I’m so sad that i have left Redlane but now is a time to look on to secondary school i’m nervous…

  3. calvin d says:

    hi mr catterall im an elf on kings of maths

  4. 3K says:

    3K’s Online Safety Quiz Answers!

    Online Safety Quiz
    1. What kind of information should you not post online?

    You shouldn’t post where you live, pictures of yourself wearing school uniform, nasty comments, inappropriate pictures, your real name, your login information such as username or passwords and your phone number.

    2. Can you name 3 features of a strong password?

    Use numbers, use a long password and use lower and uppercase letters.
    3. Once you have posted a comment, video or picture online, how long does it stay online?

    We think that even if you delete a picture/video it could still possibly be online because others can save and share it.

    4. What is currently the most popular social media site?

    We think that the most popular social media site is youtube.

    5. If someone begins messaging/talking to you online, who can you report it to?

    The people who made the game or website, the police, teachers and parents or carers, thinkyouknow.

    6. What can you change on your online profile to keep your information secure?

    Change your privacy settings

    7. What phrase is used when a person/group of people begin sending messages or posting comments online, that are hurtful or unkind towards a person/group of people?


    8. Is it OK to shout, call someone names or send abusive messages over an online game? Why/why not? Explain your answer.

    It is not okay because it might hurt somebody’s feelings. It might also make them not want to go back online again, It is only a game.

    9. What are the potential risks of adding a ‘friend’ on social media that you do not know?

    They could start bullying you, they might try and hack your account, they might try to meet up with you and hurt you, they could be lying about who they are.

    10. Finally, write your top 3 Golden Rules when going online to stay safe.

    Don’t talk to strangers.
    Don’t post personal information, pictures or videos online.
    Be kind online!

  5. Chloe P says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone

  6. Georgia Matthews- Farrell says:

    Good job 6HN on your assembly and of course mostly to the person I thought was the best was my brother Regan

    Proud by member of the school Georgia M-F.

  7. I am loving year 5 so far!

  8. Deacon C-h says:

    I can’t wait to go back to school though hardly any of my friends are in my form, most of all I can’t wait till I meet new people.

  9. Kentsi says:

    I have got a math qwiz for you all lost of replays for this 2times3-6 time9 =


  10. Kentsi says:

    I can’t wait to be in year 6 with mr nick

  11. Freddie P says:

    I can’t wait until Y6!

    Also I’m going to Wales!!

  12. selestina b says:

    oh my god forgot this blog existed. hi from my year 8 science lesson. miss primary! say hi to mr nick for me

  13. Selestina B says:

    Hi guys. In year 8 at turton high school. Miss primary, say hi to mr Nicolson for me(I cant spell his name)

  14. Jennifer D says:

    Yes we have 122 flags

  15. Jennifer D says:

    Hi Mr C I like reading buddies I like to help younger children that’s why I wanted this job

  16. Jennifer D says:

    Is everyone having a good year

  17. Anya-Fae says:

    hello red lane school I was at home last night and I thought of a school song that fits the school perfectly
    VERSE NO.1
    Red Lane School the place where there are safety rules
    to keep us safe that’s the only reason
    Red Lane School teachers are always there to help
    if you’re struggling at all
    Red Lane School is meant to last
    as the long long hours pass by
    It may seem boring but look on the bright side
    School is there to help you through life
    VERSE NO.2
    Red Lane School where all the super students work
    (teachers included too)
    Red Lane School is always very clean
    thank you to the hard working cleaners
    Red Lane School
    is meant to last
    as the long long hours pass by
    it may seem boring but look on the bright side
    school is there to help you through life
    VERSE NO.3 (the calm one)
    now I would like to thank all the members of the team
    for every single thing that you have done for me
    teachers and T.A, dinner ladies too
    not to forget the cleaners and cooks and head teacher of the school
    but most importantly we can not forget
    a very special person
    and by that… I…. mean……..YOU!!!

    yours gratefully

  18. Nathan says:

    Hi guys I am having fun at my new school but it’s not as fun as Red Lane of course

  19. kentsi says:

    dog ja hav pupps

  20. kentsi says:

    my dog jast have puppys do you have oni f you have plz be cav beaces one pupy bad bake lages

  21. Nathan says:

    Hi Guys I Have Moved Schools I am not going to Red Lane anymore
    I will Miss you kids at Red Lane and Teachers

    Nathan C

  22. Nicole says:

    Hi I just found out I am a prefect for year. 6 I just wanted to say to everyone in red lane I will try my best to help all of you and make the school a better place

    Thanks everyone
    Yours truly nicole

  23. cameron j says:

    please can you put minecraft on the kidzone

  24. Ellie 6N says:

    Going swimming tomorrow. I hope it is good. 🙂

  25. Jennifer says:

    I loved maths today

  26. abi t says:

    next thursday it’s 4HB’s assembly i am so exsited!

  27. Jennifer says:

    Mathes is the best lesson


  28. Jennifer says:

    Why do we have holidays like summer,easter and christmas holadys.

  29. jennifer says:

    I’v bin practing my some sums

  30. jennifer says:

    I loved my EASTER EGGS yum yum

  31. jennifer says:

    I’m loving the holadays 🙂 🙂

  32. Jennifer says:

    After the sinnimors i went to mckdonolds my brother missed out because he was at colage

  33. Jennifer says:

    On friday after ww2 day i kepped thinking that it was school because my brother went to school

  34. Jennifer says:

    I cant wait until tomorrow


  35. Jennifer says:

    Enjoy the holadys

  36. Jennifer says:

    On thursday my grandma gived me a early easter egg it was so yummy yum yum :-):-) 🙂 :-):-)

  37. Jennifer says:

    when it was tuesday i went to the pictures with my mum we wached muppets most wanted.I LOVED IT

  38. Jennifer says:


  39. Jennifer says:

    Over the holadays on Thursday it was my mothers birthday.
    she turned 35 I wrote to mum happy 299th birthday

  40. Sydney says:

    I just had a great morning

  41. Sydney says:

    Mr c what are u doing next week 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  42. Sydney says:

    WOW we have 91 flags 🙂 🙂

  43. Sydney says:

    I want to come to school 🙂

  44. alicia says:

    Hi pepole just chilling on my bed (I have not only just got up!!!)

  45. Mckenzie A says:

    I enjoy coming to school.

  46. Mckenzie A says:

    I love maaaaaaths

  47. Sydney says:

    I love school but not work 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. Sydney says:

    I am glad that you made this website

  49. Sydney says:

    Mr c the bolg is really good

  50. Sydney says:

    This afternoon was good

  51. Nathan says:

    Hello Mr Catterall

    I liked today when we looked outside the Recption year 1and2 I did’nt know that was there.

  52. Jennifer says:

    What do you do on the flags

  53. Jennifer says:

    I looked like a umpa lumpa

  54. Jennifer says:

    I wish i had my pen liecancse

  55. Jennifer says:


  56. Jennifer says:

    I loved the pop project

  57. rhys says:

    The pop project was awesome 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁

  58. Caitlan says:

    Hope somebody Wins blogger if The week!

  59. Tegan n says:

    Hi not been on for ages have u seen how much flags we have got 88 flags and 24,841 page views there is loads of people looking at our school blog !!!

  60. Natalie G says:

    hay mr c wot we duwin at mast a we duwin number bons to ten

  61. megan n says:

    Hi Mr C

    its Megan newton from 1W looking at the blog, i am looking forward to getting my prize for going on the website.

    i have had lots of fun at my daddys this weekend and it is a very special weekend because it is my brothers birthday. i am really really happy that he is going to be one today.
    Everyone is coming up for his birthday party on sunday.

    i hope you have a nice time reading this Mr c.
    Megan (written by dad)

  62. Natalie G says:

    Dear mr c love from natalie 🙂 in jen house we piayn wiw jen berd nad jen berd it got col got green red and grey and red so I toch the green berd and her bayck me. so I need to tack put on apap tawl 🙁

  63. Jennifer says:

    On tuesday i went to the picturs/sinnimors.I was watching Tinker bell and the pirat fairy
    was a pirate who was realy nasty but then some giant pirats chucked her in the water
    then tinker bell and her friends recuood her then she started to be nice in the end then they
    went back where they lived then they had a party…But i was crying because it was realy

  64. Lara says:

    Please somebody talk to me i am sooooooooooooooooooooo bored talking to myself PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Lara says:

    Hi mr c, how are you doing? and what are you doing over the half term.

    • Mr C says:

      Hi Lara,

      I’m ok thank you for asking. I haven’t got any plans for this half term, just waiting to see what the weather is like.

  66. Lara says:

    It looks like i am speaking to my self today nobody is speaking to me

  67. Jennifer says:


  68. Jennifer says:

    I loved our trip


  69. millie says:

    hi ever one triy and convis your freinds to come on because you learn something new ever day and we might get more flages its very likely

  70. millie d says:

    i apserlutly love litersy expesily discription peas of writty so cool thats why i love the dayly 100 word chalange you should go on if you love litresy and you learn something new every day so ceap blogging

  71. millie d says:

    i just did the 100 word chaling no were near but got to percivear right

  72. Jennifer says:

    there are lots of people blogging

  73. Jennifer says:

    Is there a real plane at the musem

  74. Jennifer says:

    In my book i have found our flag

  75. Jennifer says:


  76. Jennifer says:

    I want to do more clock times I LOVE IT

  77. Jennifer says:

    MrCatterall todays work was a bit easy then yesterday


  78. Jennifer says:

    Ilove chinese new year 🙂 🙂

  79. Jennifer says:


  80. Jennifer says:

    I was watching a really scary film AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE MATHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. abi says:

    Wednesday trip in 4hb was awesome

  83. Jennifer says:

    On thursday class 3c are having a assembly it is about chinese new year

  84. milena says:

    you now , i go on this blog nearly every day and i never get bored

  85. milena says:

    I love this blog its so fantastic i just love it you can play games talk to friends talk to teachers its just the best

  86. morgan says:

    my sister is in secandry yeah

  87. poppy says:

    my sister is in secandry

  88. molly says:

    in secandry now yeah

  89. katie says:

    merry Christmas I hope you got everything you wished for. all the best for 2014

  90. rudi says:

    charlie lives on the 14 floor every day he gets in the lift and presses the ground floor button and goes down he then goes to school he comes back and gets in the lift he only goes to the 7 floor and then walkes the rest why?

  91. rudi says:

    what is white and chomps on a red field

  92. daisy says:

    em what was it for ur party

  93. emilie s says:

    On Saturday my friend slept and we played I’m a celebrity get me out of here game.

  94. emilie s says:

    I’m back on the blog now Mr c said to me get back on it so I am.

  95. rhys says:

    I LOVE IT TO ITS SO AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Alicia says:

    It is my mums birthday today and i got her a card a presanet which was a butifull bag and got her some kisses and a necklace

  97. Alicia says:

    Hi Mr.C how was ur day

  98. lara says:


  99. lara says:

    i love the blog its a bit like facebook but its way better and its for kids, i hope i get all my answers right that i have put in


  100. KARL says:

    love all the coments ive got a riddle it has a spring you can bounce on it but you have to hold on what is it

  101. elle says:

    non-uniform on 25th

  102. elle says:

    I love bloging and internet

  103. elle says:

    congratulations 3c on the big assembaly

  104. elle says:

    non-uniform tomorrow everyone bring 1 pound

  105. elle says:

    everyone bring your harvest donations

  106. jade says:

    got to win blogger of the week

  107. jade says:

    yippy school today 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  108. jade says:

    I need bloger of the week I just have to 🙂 🙂 🙂

  109. jade says:

    68 flags can I get a oh yea

  110. jade says:

    happy times 🙂

  111. jade says:

    harvest:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  112. jade says:

    love the blog lol 🙂

  113. jade says:

    no.1 website in the world

  114. jade says:

    so sad that schools off for the weekend sad sad sad

  115. jade says:

    cant wait for halloween

  116. jade says:

    I love the school blog

  117. Everyone around the world tell your friends to go on the blog!!! (:

  118. oliver b says:


  119. oliver b says:

    purple mash is awsome we have 68 flags the most is GB

  120. Tyler says:

    you lot having a good year? i’m recovering from my broken arm still got my next operation soon, by the way congrats on the blog xx

  121. Dylan P & Matthew C says:

    Mrs Moore & Mr C are the best bloggers in the world.
    Today i have tried to start chunking in maths. Dylan P
    Today i have tried to chunk in maths.

    From Matthew C

  122. Tyler says:

    you lot having a good year? i’m recovering from my broken arm

  123. millie rogers says:

    hi this school blog is great I might go on a game 🙂

  124. millie rogers says:


  125. millie rogers says:

    OMG look at the flags

  126. millie rogers says:

    hi I have never been on the blog

  127. Tyler says:

    broke my arm badly have a nice next year ppl

  128. Tyler says:

    omg last week at primary

  129. selestina says:

    summer fair
    was great 😀

  130. todd says:

    sitting at home with my grandma and watching eurovioson!!! awesome!!!

  131. selestina says:

    this blog is the best ever 😀

  132. Kiera c says:

    Yep it is AMAZING

  133. lucy austin says:

    blog wow from lucy austin

  134. lucy austin says:

    hi this is lucy from 4s i love the blog

  135. lucy austin says:

    hi it is lucy a justed want to say wow wow wow

  136. Kacileigh says:

    THIS IS THE BEST !!!!! Thank you Mrs Moore and Mr Catterall 🙂

  137. stevie-cay smith says:

    who has the bigest name on the tags am i drawing with jordan h

  138. Adam Elms says:

    Hello this is the first time I have been on the blog and I LOVE IT!

  139. mya says:

    WOW THIS BLOG IS AMAZING ! i love ittttttttttttttt

  140. mya says:

    WOW ! loads of flags

  141. mya says:

    hi miss moore please can you put a game on called crazy taxi thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. stevie-cay says:

    we have 20 flags now. When we left school for halfterm it was only !17 now it 20

  143. Lucinda says:

    cool blog Mr C it is so amazing

  144. jack h says:

    hi I love our blogs

  145. tegan says:

    me to wow realy good

  146. tegan says:

    hi not been on for agese so this is my first time

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