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Maths Fact

A ‘googolplex’ is the number 1 followed by a googol zeros, this number is so big that it can’t be written because there isn’t enough room in the universe to fit it in! It would also take a length of … Continue reading

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6 Billion

On this day, 12th October 1999, it was officially announced that the Earth’s population had reached 6 billion!

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Did you know?

Did you know that it would take you 30 years to count to 1 billion- that would be a very long game of hide and seek!

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Fact of the Week

Did you know that on this day, 4th April 1975, the Microsoft corporation was created between Bill Gates and Paul Allen. At present, Microsoft is worth $343.82 Billion dollars (that is £230,634,515,099,735.53 British pounds) **A prize for anyone who can say … Continue reading

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Special Mathematics visitor

Today we have a special visitor in school- Mr Godfrey. What did you get up to in your slot with Mr Godfrey?

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Don’t forget…

There are lots of great things to do on the Red Lane Blog this week!! Kidzone- there is a wide variety of games to try on our Kidzone section- see what your high score is on Marble Lines, Run, B-Cubed … Continue reading

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Daily Challenge

A different type of challenge today- we’re going to play ‘What’s the question?’ I’m going to give you the answer, you have to suggest what the question could be. For example the answer could be ’36’, here are some examples … Continue reading

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