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Here are some of the new activities available on our Blog this week-

100 Word Challenge- http://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/100wordchallenge/2014/09/20/100-word-challenge-32/

Riddles- http://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/riddlesriddlesriddles/2014/09/20/riddles-43/

P4C- http://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/p4c/2014/09/20/p4c-11/

Computing Club- http://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/computingclub/2014/09/20/key-stage-2-computing-club/

Library- http://blog.red-lane.bolton.sch.uk/library/2014/09/20/book-reviews/

Also coming soon-

What is it? Where is it? and Mystery Voices


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