Competition Time!!

 It has been announced this morning on the news that a British astronaut will be flying to the International Space Station next year.

As you may or may know, space food isn’t very exciting or tasty, with astronauts usually eating freeze-dried food, warmed up with water (not exactly 5 star dining!!).

So to help the astronauts, the competition, with the help of chef Heston Blumenthal, will be to design a meal that can be taken up into space for the astronauts to eat.

If you have any ideas, please post your name (first name only), class and your meal idea on our Blog and we will send them into the competition.

Good Luck!!

Mr C

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3 Responses to Competition Time!!

  1. Sophie says:

    Steak with pepper sauce with chips ketchup or mayonnaise

  2. milena says:

    its either beef stu or some kind if desert with strawberrys

  3. Olivia S says:

    Beef stu.

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