Year 2 visit Seven Acres

To help them with their topic in class, Year 2 visited Seven Acres Country Park to find out what they could find.

Rather than taking a coach, they all walked down to Seven Acres in their classes. When they reached the park, they walked through fields, along hidden paths, over a troll’s bridge and back up the HUGE hill to school.

Check back later for some of their pictures!

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Year 1 visit the Post Office

Today Year 1 have all visited the local Post Office and posted their very own letter.

What did you see on the way? Did you see any postmen/women?

Post your comments below.

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Online Safety Champions

Congratulations to Louie, Mia, Daniel and Anya-Fae for becoming Red Lane’s first Online Safety Champions!

They attended a course held at School’s ICT at Smithills School, along with 10 other schools to become Online Safety Champions.

They discussed a wide range of topics and now have the skills and knowledge to help children across school. They will also be working with Mr Catterall to promote and develop Online Safety knowledge around school.


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Week 3 @ Red Lane

Another busy week next week, with a wide range of activities taking place- here are a few of the highlights:

Year 2 will be visiting Seven Acres Country Park to help them with their Learning Challenge- let’s hope the weather is fine for them!

School Council will visit Masefield Primary School to set out their goals and targets for this year in their first official meeting of the new year.

4 members of Year 6 will be visiting School’s ICT at Smithills School to take part in an Online Safety Champions course.

Year 1 are walking to the post office to help them with their Learning Challenge.

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Did you know?

Did you know that you can’t taste food unless it is mixed with saliva?

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Here is a copy of the first edition of the Red Lane Newsletter:

Autumn 1 Issue 1 Newsletter

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School Council

With the new school counsellors chosen, their first meeting will be at Masefield Primary School to meet their school counsellors. Look out for a letter from Mr Kay for details.

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Roald Dahl Day 2017 @ Red Lane

Good Morning to all our Human Beans and Phizzwizards @ Red Lane!

Today is going to be a Phizz Whizzing day @ Red Lane as it is officially Roald Dahl Day.

All across school Your Majesters have prepared a wide range of Whoopsy-Wiffling lessons based on a Roald Dahl book.

Don’t worry if you are a little Biffsquggled, by the end of the day you will all be the best Jabberwocky speakers @ Red Lane!

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Did you know?

Did you know that Roald Dahl wrote his stories in a shed at the bottom of his garden and that there a number of mementos still there, these include a huge ball made of old chocolate wrappers, and a piece of hip bone that he had to have removed!

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Week 2 @ Red Lane

Here we go again for Week 2 @ Red Lane- don’t forget Roald Dahl day on Wednesday!

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