Week 6 @ Red Lane

Image result for week 6Here is a look at some of the events happening this week @ Red Lane:red-lane


Reception Stay and Play- Reception O and Reception G are holding a Christmas themed stay and play session on Monday– Reception O (9.00am) and Reception G (2.30pm). Nursery are also having a stay and play event at 9.30am and 1.00pm.Image result for homework

Homework Drop-in- Mrs Driver will be in the Dining Room at 9.00am on Tuesday
morning for parents/carers to discuss homework at school.

Image result for sambaYear 5 drumming- this week is the final week for the Year 5 drumming groups, with their final performance taking place on Thursday! Good Luck!Image result for childrens christmas decoration making

Christmas Decoration making- Nursery are holding a Christmas Decorating session with the children on Wednesday at 10.30am.

Christmas Fair– on Friday it will be the Red Lane Christmas Fair, held in the Infant building. The doors open at 3.45pm until 5.30pm. We have raffles, tombolas, face painting and craft stalls that have all of the crafts the children have made, as well as a special visit from a certain person…

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Image result for cookiesToday is National Cookie Day! Which is your favourite cookie?

Post your comments below.

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Did you know?

Did you know the centre of the Sun is approximately 15 million °C (27 million °F)?

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Did you know?

Did you know that Europe is the only continent without a desert?

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Did you know?

Did you know that a new born baby is born with 350 bones in their body, however by the age of 5, this is reduced to 206?

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St Andrew’s Day

Image result for st andrews day

Today is St Andrew’s Day, the Patron Saint of Scotland.

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Christmas Productions

Rehearsals are well under way in Early Years and Key Stage 1 for this year’s Christmas Productions.

Image result for the bossy kingEarly Years will be performing ‘The Bossy King’.Image result for a christmas recipe



And Key Stage 1 will be performing ‘A Christmas Recipe’.

Look out for a letter being sent home about tickets. Unfortunately due to the size and space in our hall, tickets are limited to 2 per family; any additional tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please send your letter back into school as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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Week 5 @ Red Lane

Image result for week 5There is lots of events happening this week @ Red Lane- here are a few of the highlights to come this week:

Year 5 are onto their last remaining drumming sessions inImage result for samba the build-up for the BIG final performance in front of a sell out crowd.

Image result for stay and playNursery Stay and Plays are taking place this week on Monday
at 9.30am and 1.00pm.

Nursery are also holding 2 sessions for parents/carers to come in and make ChristmasImage result for children's christmas decorations decorations with their children in aid of our Christmas Fair- Wednesday 10.30am and 2.30pm.

Image result for bubbling potion animationMr Simmons will be holding 2 Science Workshops for Parents on Thursday- Key Stage 2 Parents 9.30am and Key Stage 1 Parents 10.45am.

Non-Uniform Day will be on Thursday- this is in aid of our Christmas non-uniformFair (9th December)- please donate an item for your child’s year group hamper. Each year group was designated a colour- please see the latest newsletter or your child’s teacher if you need more information.

Image result for flashing pointing arrow animation

School is closed on Friday 2nd December.

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Kung Fu Master’s Birthday

On this day, martial arts master Bruce Lee was born.

Bruce Lee was a revered martial artist, actor and filmmaker known for movies like ‘Fists of Fury’ and ‘Enter the Dragon,’ and the technique Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940, in San Francisco, California. He was a child actor in Hong Kong who later returned to the U.S. and taught martial arts. He starred in the TV series The Green Hornet (1966-67) and became a major box office draw in The Chinese Connection and Fists of Fury. Shortly before the release of his film Enter the Dragon, he died at the age of 32 on July 20, 1973.

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Fact of the Week

Image result for tutankhamunOn this day, 26th November 1922, English archaeologist Howard Carter, opened Tutankhamen’s virtually intact tomb in Egypt.

What facts do you know or find out about Tutankhamen?

Post your answers below.

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