A mountain adventurer is born

On this day in 1914, Tenzing Norgay was born.

Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay with Edmund Hillary were the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest and return safely.

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Solar Eclipse

Predicted by Greek philosopher Thales in 585 BC, the solar eclipse is thought to be one of the first predicted and recorded. Many philosophers say that it is from this date that future solar eclipses have been predicted.

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World’s Tallest Building

On this day in 1930, The Chrysler Building in New York City was opened to the public and was officially the tallest man-made structure in the World (1046 feet/ 319 meters).

Today, the record is currently held by the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai, standing at 2717 feet or 828 meters.

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Final day of Half Term

Today is the final day of half term and school will close at the usual time of 3.30pm.

From all the staff at Red Lane, we hope you have a safe, restful and happy Half Term.

School will re-open on Monday 5th June 2017.

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More hot weather

With temperatures set to soar into the high 20’s today, we advise adults apply sun cream before children come to school and children should bring a sun hat for playtime and dinnertime. They may also bring a bottle of water (not juice) into class. Water will also be available throughout the day.

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A Queen is born

On this day in 1819, former Queen of Great Britain, Queen Victoria, was born.

Queen Victoria was only 18 when she came to the throne and she had a lot to learn. Her reign had a rocky start. She thought that, as queen, she could do as she liked, and she quickly had to learn that she couldn’t.

Queen Victoria’s reign spanned sixty four years, from 1837 – 1901. Until recently, Queen Victoria was the longest reigning Monarch in history, however recently, the current Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, finally broke that record earlier this year.

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Nursery Singalong

Today Nursery will have their first ‘Singalong’ in school. Why not join your child and have fun. See Nursery staff for more details.

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The weather this week

According to the forecasts, the weather is set to be very high for most of the week. We advise a sun hat is sent in, especially at playtime and dinner time. Water will be available for children throughout the day.

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Going solo

5 years after the first non-stop flight over the Atlantic from New York to Paris by Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart became the first female pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic, landing in Ireland.

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Non-stop all the way

On this day at 7.40am in 1927, Charles Lindbergh left New York City to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the first non-stop flight to Paris, France.

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